Castles in the Sky is here!! Where to buy!

Front cover image only.jpgMy poetry and short story novella is published!! It was released July 25th, 2017 and is available in both print and eBook formats here:

Createspace print book for $5.99

Amazon Unlimited, Kindle and Print options from as low as $0 to $5.99

Barnes and Noble print book $5.99

I’m still working on updating all the sites with the release of Castles in the Sky but above are the 3 major areas to grab a copy and check out this unique collection of work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add a Goodreads link soon!

~Fantastic Review from Emerald Book Reviews~

I don’t know how I could have missed sharing on here this gem of a review on Goodreads but somehow I did!

I’m so happy to share it with everyone. I only wish that I had shared it sooner. Somehow, I don’t know how it took so long, but I have a feeling it involves Toddler Mommy brain. That, folks, is a scarier thing than it sounds like!

Thank you so much Nicole!!

You can find Nicole’s page Emerald Book Reviews on Facebook by clicking here today!

 (update: I did some research because I knew I had to have seen the review in some way and if it went anything like it just did for me with my toddler expressing quite clearly how he wanted my seat in front of my laptop and got so upset, it brought him to tears, then I know exactly how I could have missed the step of sharing it on my blog. I did share it on The Crooked Halos Series Facebook page the very day I was told the review had posted, phew. My son came down with a nasty cold right around that time frame and then even nastier stomach bug for over a week and my blog and Facebook page updating took a bit of a break while I nursed him back to health. My apologies it’s late being shared on my blog but I’m definitely happy I’m sharing it now! )

Nicole McCurdy’s Reviews > Even Halos Can Be Crooked

Even Halos Can Be Crooked by L.M. Schukraft

Even Halos Can Be Crooked
by L.M. Schukraft (Goodreads Author)


Nicole McCurdy‘s review

Mar 30, 2017
really liked it
read count: 1


❤ Reviewed by Nicole at Emerald Book Reviews ❤

This book was such a quirky, eccentric, madcap adventure-fantasy and to be perfectly honest those are my absolute favourite kind of books, the stories you cannot predict and the characters that don’t excactly fit a cookie-cutter mold of how a heroine or hero should think or act. The heroine in Even Halos Can be Crooked, Murie Autumn Topaz, was one of the most unique I’ve come across in a long time and I am an avid reader. Her inner monologue-although at times disjointed and scattered- is hilarious throughout, especially when her thoughts are side tracked and she goes off on a tangent of comical proportions. She is a heroine, however that a reader will either like or loathe, but I absolutely loved her. Whimsical and funny, smart and dedicated, Murie stole the show for me, followed closely by our mysterious sweetheart hero Castle (fabulous name!)

‘Castles feathers were just as soft as I remembered them. They felt like I was hugging a cloud. I sniffed in his wonderful scent, snuggled in deeper to the feathers and sleep claimed me quickly. I slept peacefully for the rest of the night.’

Even Halos Can Be Crooked is a fast-paced, take no prisoners, whirl wind adventure featuring a great cast of characters, both main and supporting. It’s fascinating and so easy to get sucked in and swept away by it all. The writing sometimes didn’t flow as well as I would have enjoyed, but it didn’t necessarily detract from the story as a whole. If you like fantasy adventure and a strong but neurotic heroine and a bit of a magical hero, then definitely take a chance on this book today.

Book Tour Links for July 4, 2017 to August 4, 2017!! It’s started!

Hello all!

I’m so excited to have Even Halos Can Be Crooked taking a month long book tour all set up by Silver Dagger Book Tours!

Here are all the links to where you can follow Even Halos Can Be Crooked on this tour. Please check out the links, the blogs, share, comment, and maybe, I don’t know, get the book??!!

There is a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway that is running alongside my other giveaway based on reaching 400 book sales (an Amazon Kindle fire – valued at $89) and/or a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway if I reach 200 book sales. So every Facebook like and share enters into my giveaway and checking out the links below, you can enter for the book tour giveaway!!

July 4- kickoff at The Silver Dagger Scriptorium

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Castles in the Sky – Cover reveal!


Cover - Castles in the Sky no white background


I’m so excited to be finally sharing the cover for my latest book – Castles in the Sky. This is a stand alone short novella of poems and short stories. Don’t let the word poetry throw you off from checking out this book! The poems are unique with imagery and humor that sets them apart from typical poetry. Some are playful while others are a little dark so I think you can find something to enjoy with these poems.

There are 3 short stories:

  1. The first one is done in the style of a Greek Creation Myth. One reviewer commented on “What a story teller you are” after reading Aroma and Damien’s tale.
  2. The next story is a dark tale of a tortured young girl finding her revenge as a woman in the most unusual way
  3. The last story is like an Indiana Jones tale with a little fantasy thrown in. A woman finds herself in trouble once again and is rescued by a mysterious man, which leads them on an adventure of a lifetime.

Castles in the Sky will be available in both eBook and print format soon! The anticipated release date is July 25th, 2017!!!



New 5 star Review – Why haven’t you read Even Halos Can Be Crooked yet?

Desmin here: I’ve hijacked the blog for a hot hopping Hades minute to share this fantastic review and ask why haven’t you read the book yet? I’m in it! That’s should be reason enough to check out Even Halos Can Be Crooked. I’m a cute, adorable, talking stuffed toy dragon that fly’s and spits fire.

Go ahead, get a copy, and find out what a great story this is!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, July 2, 2017
This review is from: Even Halos Can Be Crooked (Kindle Edition)
An absolutely amazing story with such an inventive storyline and amazingly thought out characters. Definitely worth picking up

Book Blog Tour – Coming to you July 4th to August 4th!

Mark your calendars, folks, and sign up or follow Even Halos Can Be Crooked on a month long Book Blog Tour set up by Silver Dagger Blog Tour!

This tour comes with an Amazon gift card giveaway!

How can  you join in on this fun tour? Just check out the link below. Silver Daggers provides all the promotional media you could need to host the tour.

Silver Daggers Book Tours Sign up for Even Halos Can Be Crooked


Be sure to check out the tour each day and please check out the other Giveaway promotion running right now for an Amazon Kindle! ~☆~~KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY~~☆~



How to keep your Word 2010 background image or gradient when you save it as a PDF

How to keep your Word 2010 background image or gradient when you save it as a PDF –

Have you ever created an awesome looking document in Word 2010 using a shaded gradient background and when you went to save it as a PDF, the background colors are gone? Even when the print preview showed it because after that first attempt you Googled why your background wasn’t showing up?

Well, I just went through this process while trying to create fancy Character Sheets for my new book. I Googled why my background disappeared and followed the directions to go to File, Options, Display, and when that window box pops up, go to Print Options and check the box in front of Print Background colors and images.

It didn’t work. Not the save as a PDF, not printing it from Word, not printing it as a PDF. Nothing worked even with that little boxed checked.

Print box checked image

So began my next Google search for a work around because I really wanted to keep the pages I created looking as nice as I had originally designed.

I eventually found a work around but how people described to do it, made it sound much more difficult than it actually is. That’s not to say that it didn’t definitely require a few extra steps. It most certainly did.

I’m here to break down those steps. This How To teaches as least 13 or more different things for using Word, Paint and Adobe Acrobat. I go step-by-step so there might be things you already know how to do in this post but I wanted to cover the steps for those that didn’t know each one. If you already know how to do a step, just move on to the next one.

The first thing you need to do is open both the document you created in Word 2010 and a new blank Word document.

Keep the original Word document open and save it as a new file with a slightly different name. This way, if something goes wrong while you are trying to do this, you won’t lose all that original work you did and you can reference the original file.

Once you save the created document as a newly named file, open up the new file in Word as well.

You should now have 3 Word documents open – the original (for this post I’m working with my Stefano Moriarti character sheet), the blank document, and the saved as a  new titled original (for this post I saved the Stefano Moriarti Character sheet as Stefano Moriati Character sheet 2). Make sure to verify which document you are working in before you follow the next steps.

Now would also be a great time to open up the Windows Paint program or any art program you have installed on your computer. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to work in Word Paint.

Okay, now the fun stuff begins.

In the saved as Document, follow these instructions.

  1. Verify that you are in the renamed document. This is a full screen shot of my character sheet 2. I’m in the correct document as you can see by the file name at the top of the screen.

Screen shot of Moriarti sheet 2

2. Once you open that file, go to the Page layout tab. You can see the tab in the image above. Click on the Page layout table and your editing options will change.

Page Layout Tab shot

3. Click on Page Colors. This should be how you created the gradient to begin with but I’ll walk you through the steps to be sure we’re on the same page.

More colors box shot

4. Now click on the box that says no colors. What? You’re probably like why would I delete all that time I spent selecting the right gradient colors and clear my work? Because you have to in order to get the colors to save to PDF or Print to PDF. Remember this is the saved as document so you still have that work saved in the original document. Once you click the no colors box, your background should be back to blank page white.

No color screen shot

5. Now that the document is back to background blank page white, we go to our new blank document and start working in that.

blank page screen shot

6. Now go back to the Page Layout Tab, select Page Colors and create your background gradient by clicking on the Fill Effects box.

Fill effects box click

7. Once you click on the Fill Effects box, a new window will open up. For the purpose of this post, click on the Two Colors circle:

2 color choices selected

8. A new box will appear giving you choices. Select the arrow button next to the white box under Color 1. From there select the color you want to use. I selected mine.

Color 1 selection

9. I went to the More Colors option to select my Color 1 choice. After you pick your first color, you will see your color in the white box under Color 1. And now you can select your Color 2 like you did in step 8.

Color 2 selection

10. Here is what it looks like when you select More Colors and pick a color choice:

Color 2 Blue selection

11. Once you select both colors, you can choose how they show on the page with the Shading styles options below. I selected Horizontal for the purpose of this post. I also selected the top left corner Variances square. My image below has arrows so you can see what I’m talking about.  Once you make your selection, click the OK button to see how it looks.

2 color choices selected

12. My background for this post turned out something like below:

Background colors example

13. Now go to the View Tab and select Full Screen Reading view:

Full screen selection

14. Once you select the Full Screen Reading button, your screen should immediately look like this:

Full screen view

15. Now is where it gets more technical. On most keyboards there is a button that has PrtScr and a little tower symbol with (( )) around it. Go back to your Word document – the one with the blank page with the pretty background colors we just created in Full Screen Reading view still – and click on the PrtScrn button. Did you click it? And nothing visibly happened, right? Don’t worry. If you clicked the button while on the Full Screen Reading view, the next steps will show you how that button is going to be our best friend for this project.

(Picture of my laptop keyboard PrtScr button)


16. Your Paint program should have been opened and waiting for this next step. If its not open, please open it now. Click on the white little screen, and while holding the Ctrl button, press the letter V button on your keyboard. If you did it correctly, the Full Screen Reading image will have been screen grabbed and pasted into the Paint program and you should see something like this:

Paint pastes screen grab


17. This next part is a little tricky. I’m going to walk you through cropping out just the Word document with the background colors. This is tricky because part of the Word document is not visible on my screen so when I go to crop out just the Word document with the background colors, I’m going to have to do some adjustments. Okay, in the Paint program, there is the crop option.  Click the Select button in the tool bar. Then select crop. When you select crop, the mouse arrow will turn into a star like circle. I can’t screen grab the image for you to see it but that’s your new mouse arrow for the next few seconds.

Select and Crop tool bar image

18. Now carefully select the top corner of the Word document by clicking the left mouse button. Keep a solid hold on the left mouse button as you drag your mouse diagonally down to the opposite corner. Don’t worry if you don’t make it all the way down to the bottom corner since you can adjust so that the selection covers JUST the complete page. If you didn’t make to the bottom corner, carefully hover the mouse over the lower right corner of the dotted box your created, until you see an arrow appear and click the left mouse button again. While holding the button, move the dotted box until it fully covers only the Word document. If you mess up and the image gets shifted or messed up, the undo left arrow button is your friend. I use it a couple of times while I try to select the Word document. You may need to use the slide roller on the mouse to shift the image up and down so you can select the whole page. This helps to make sure you get the full Word page. I’ve provided a few images of the process:

Image: Initial Page Crop Selection. You can see I didn’t make it to the edge of the Word Doc or the bottom.

Full screen crop selection part 1

Image: I’ve hovered over that little lower corner square, seeing the double arrow, left clicked my mouse button and dragged the dotted box to the edge of the page. Then I scrolled down until I could see the bottom of the Word doc. I hovered over the middle square box, saw the double arrow and dragged the dotted line down to the bottom of the Word Doc.

Bottom dotted box

19. Now, once you have the page selected, don’t scroll, don’t touch anything except the crop button and should see something like this:

Word Doc background color cropped

20. Save the image as a JPEG in the same folder that both the Word documents are saved in. Title it whatever you want. I saved my as Stefano Moriati Background color.

screenshot of saving as a J P G

21. Next, go back to the saved as Word document that you changed to a blank white background. Make sure you are in the saved as document and not the original one. In the saved as document, select Insert tab, select picture,  then a box will open up. Your saved background image should be in the same folder as your Word documents.

This image is the Insert tab and picture steps.

Select picture image

This image is the window that pops up in which you have to go to the folder where you saved your image and Word docs and select the background image to insert:

Insert image steps

Be prepared. When you click insert, some of your text may shift about but the next step will fix that.

Shifted text after pic insert

22. Now as you can see in the above image, my text has shifted all over the place and I have the background image there but it’s not filling the page. If you haven’t clicked on anything else, there should be a Pictures Format tab now opened up. Select the Wrap Text button so a box appears. If you did select a different tab and need to get to the Wrap Text button, go to the Page Layout tab and select the Wrap Text button so that a box appears. Select the BEHIND TEXT option as shown in the picture below. You can already see how I have my image and text back.

Behind text selection

23. Now, select the background gradient image and expand it to fit the entire page. The next few images will show the process of doing that.

First expansion to the left corner and side:

First background expansion

Second expansion over the right side of the page:

2nd background expansion

Third expansion to the bottom of the page:

Bottom page expanded

Full page once the image has been expanded to cover it:

Screen shot of Moriarti sheet 2

24. So now you’re probably wondering why you just went through all these steps just to make the exact same background you had originally made with the Fill Effects options. Well, remember, that gradient wouldn’t print. Not to PDF, not via a printer. This method will print!! I wanted to save it as a PDF and then in Acrobat save my image as a JPEG. Using this method, I can do all that and keep my background gradient!

Next save your document in Word. Then click Save as when you go to save it again. A window will pop up. From there, you need to select the arrow button by the Save as type selection box and select PDF. Like this:

Select Save as:

Save as screen shot in Word

Here’s the window that popped up. You can see the Save as type and drop down menu where you select PDF:

Save as PDF Word screen shot

25. You can opt to change the title of your PDF but I usually keep my PDF file name the same as my Word doc. Once you click PDF, it will give you a save button to select. Click that and You should have a PDF file waiting for you to open. Another method to save as a PDF is to Print to PDF. You would select the Print option, select the Acrobat Printer. Make sure it’s set to print background images and click Print. A window will pop up asking you to save the file. Make sure its set to save in the same place as the Word Doc and click Save. It will take a few seconds for the file to print.

26. Next we go to Adobe Acrobat and open up the file to see if we successfully saved it and can now see the background colors. I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Here I am finding my Character Sheet 2 file to open:

Adobe file selection

27. Once I select open, we get to see if we have achieved are goal. SUCCESS!!

PDF success


28. Now if your goal was only to get the background gradient to print to PDF, then you’re all done! Enjoy! But if you wanted to save that PDF to a picture you can share, follow this step. Click on File, Click on Save as and a window will pop up again. Click on the Save as type box arrow down button and select JPEG from the window that comes up. You can see this step below:

Save PDF as J P E G

29. Select Save and you will now have the Word Doc saved as both a PDF and JPEG with a visible and printable JPEG.

Here is an image of the saved documents accessed through File Explorer in Windows 10:

All three files together

And here is the final Word document saved as a JPEG. I hope this How To has helped you. I know it helped me a lot while prepping my next book to be released. I inserted Clip Art into my book and had to use a version of this How To for it to print correctly to PDF. That’s another How To blog post to come!

Stefano Moriarti - Character Sheet 2