Hello world!

Okay, grab your seat world, I’m entering into the realm of blogging. Please be aware this is my virgin voyage and I am just getting going. I hope you stick with me because I am going to give you the reviews that the critics usually get wrong. For those reality TV junkies, I’m going to feed your need for reality. I’m talking Kardashians, Real World, American Idol, Sheer Genius, Kathy Griffin My life on the D-list and lets not forget – America’s Next Top Model!

It gets even better. I ‘m going to review those books that the schools leave off thier reading lists – Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Katie MacAlister, Julie Kenner, Victoria Laurie and many more authors. It’ll be fun to follow along the series these authors provide for our reading entertainment.

Wait! There’s more! Movies! I am a massive movie affecienado and I watch many many movies. Some are really awesome and some are just ‘What was I thinking?’ If you are thinking about watching a movie but am not sure if its worth your time and I’ve seen it, check out my blog. I’ll have commented on it at some point in time :-). 

So, get ready world here comes Lori’s point of view! I really hope I find like minded folks out there. Sometimes, it’s nice to know others think like we do.

I know I mentioned reality TV  but I left out my dramas – Greys Anatomy, Bones, Heroes, Medium. My comedies – Pysch, Family Guy, Simpsons. Hey, I never said adult orientated cartoons weren’t on the list. Looks like I’ll need to expand out. I’ll also mourn the loss of greats like Dollhouse, Tru Calling, Joan of Arcadia and those many other shows that have fallen under the axe of ratings. Boo, ratings!


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