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Amazing Race 16 – its Here!

Amazing Race 16 - first road block

So caught most of Amazing Race Sunday 02-14-10 – night and finished it up this Monday, 02-15-10, afternoon. Amazing Race seems to be trying to up their viewership polls because these are not just your average people from Wisconsin running the race this year. We’ve got people from Big Brother, Rodeo brothers, Miss America pageant contestant, Caite Upton, a grandmother that runs marathons, undercover officers mixed in with posh not so rough-and-tough lesbians, a couple of high school sweethearts, and attorney moms along with a few others.

The race starts off with the teams trying to find their way to LAX via public transportation. I found the posh lesbian’s comments rather funny – apparently buses are not the way they roll, lol. The incentive for getting to LAX first was getting on the earlier flight and while the lesbian couple, Brandy and Carol, made it on the faster form of public transportation, they were beat out by 3 other couples once they got to LAX. Those couples were:  Newly dating couple Jordan & Jeff, sweethearts Dana & Adrian and Mom attorneys Monique & Shawne. Brandy and Carol began to hope something delayed the earlier flight- be it Weather or mechanical maintenance and it seems the airline gods were listening  to the couple because the first flight was indeed delayed.

 Thinking they were getting ahead of the pack, cowboys Jet & Cord attempted to exchange their money for Chile dough and was given Brazilian cash. Now all the teams were on the 2 nd flight to Santiago, Chile. Once they get to Santiago, Chile, the teams had to travel to Valparaiso and find Ascensor Villaseca by buses. Jet and Cord tried to get on the bus and found out that Brazilian money does not spend the same as Chilean dough.  As one of the cowboy’s ironically commented, “Apparently, American money spends better in Chile than Brazilian.”

Once the teams arrived at Villaseca, they had to do a revamped version of the high wire act by crossing a 120 ft in the air above a valley  the length of football field on a rather thin clothes-line  wire while hanging on to another clothes-line parallel to the one they stood on. Some teams took to this task and made quick work of it – others had some major difficulty. Once the teams crossed the high wires, they had to take one of Valparaiso’s 120-year old funiculars, the Ascensor Artilleria, down the hillside.  

After that, the teams had to paint the town. Apparently, the salt is so bad in the town that the town actually pays to repair the worn paint to restore the houses. The teams had to select a color of paint and find a matching colored house and fill in a small section with their paint to receive their next clue. A number of the teams had trouble figuring out the houses they were supposed to paint, which were pretty much right on the street near where they collected the paint cans and ladders. Most missed the street because they took the less steeper route in search of their houses. One team even got so lost, they wound up in a residences home that was being renovated and wasn’t even part of the race.  The father and daughter team,  Steve and Allie, provided some humor when they started to paint this persons house and the people actually working in the house showed up and said in the native tongue,  “Look, I don’t even know what they are doing here.” Steve and Allie quickly realized they had the wrong house for painting. Another team, brothers Dan and Jordan, lost a paint brush. So for those of us sitting at home – it’s not as easy as it looks to haul paint cans, brushes and ladders to a house with matching paint and paint the house.

Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother
Jordan and Jeff were the first team to make it to the pit stop

Jordan  and Jeff , Big Brother contestants, were the first to complete the paint the town task and were told by the next clue to:  make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at Palacio Baburizza, a 90-year old chalet.  Jordan and Jeff reached the Pit stop first. Brent and Caite were next but they incurred a 30 minute penalty because they failed to take the funicular down the hillside. Brent and Caite had the unpleasant wait of watching the following five teams come in before their penalty was up:

2.    Monique & Shawne – attorney moms
3.    Jet & Cord – cowboys
4.    Steve & Allie – professional baseball coach and daughter
5.    Joe & Heidi – married couple
6.    Carol & Brandy – lesbians

While team Dan and Jordan would have come in fourth, they did find out that losing the paint brush would incur a penalty and had a 15 minute wait that dropped them down to 8th place.  While all this is going on and team after team after was coming in to the pit stop for this leg of the race – Adrian, poor Adrian, was still trying to cross the high wires. As the final teams arrived, Brent and Caite’s penalty ran out and they snuck in just behind Dan and Jordan in 7th place. As the last 2 teams made it in, it became quite apparent that Adrian and Dana were going to be the first team eliminated from the race. Here is a list of the order the teams as reached the final pit stop for the first leg of the race:

1.    Jordan & Jeff – Big Brother contestants

Dana and Adrain - childhood sweethearts
Dana and Adrian were the first team eliminated

2.    Monique & Shawne – – attorney moms
3.    Jet & Cord – cowboys
4.    Steve & Allie –  professional baseball coach and daughter
5.    Joe & Heidi – married couple
6.    Carol & Brandy – lesbians
7.    Brent & Caite –  Miss America contestant and model
8.    Dan & Jordan – brothers
9.    Michael & Louie – Undercover detectives
10.    Jody & Shannon – marathon grandmother and her granddaughter
11.    Dana & Adrian  – childhood sweethearts  – eliminated

Contestants that have completed 1 roadblock:


Looks like this race is setting up to be tougher and I know, sitting on my couch at home it looks really easy – especially when the camera man is pointing out exactly where the clue is and I haven’t just spent the last 10 hours on a bus or plane – but I hope it pays off and is truly a bit more challenging. Some of these tasks in the past have made me wonder – really? And you’re having trouble with this? Although if there was ever a food challenge where I had to eat star fish – the game would be over for me, lol. So the next race is on – and I am looking forward to it – hope you are too.


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