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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt on DVD – movie review

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt on DVD
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt on DVD

Broke down and rented the movie Beyond a Reasonable Doubt from Redbox – I got tired of waiting for it at the library. I really wanted to see this because I like Amber Tamblyn, known for her role in Joan of Arcadia and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and am depressed her TV series keep getting canceled so any chance to watch her is good for me. Plus Michael Douglas, known for his role Disclosure and Romancing the Stone, was in this as well as Jesse Metcalf , known for his role in Desperate Housewifes and John Tucker Must Die, (not too much of a positive for me but he does a decent job in this movie). Overall, I’d categorize this movie as a Corrupt Law Murder Mystery with a twist. I did enjoy this movie better than Law Abiding Citizen and it didn’t have nearly the violence as Law Abiding Citizen or the action but you actually are given a character background with this movie so that you care what happens to the characters. And what I really liked about this movie was that it was throwing hints and clues my way the whole time and they didn’t hit me in the face until the end of the movie. Then I was like, ohh, that why he was limping when he got out of bed and oh, that’s who kept calling him and little things like those that tied the movie together when that final climatic scene was played.

The general synopsis of the movie plays out that a news reporter from Buffalo gets his big break after winning an award for a documentary. The news reporter C. J Nicholas, played by Jesse Metcalf, is trying to make it big and thinks he’s found his news story in a theory on how a high-profile criminal lawyer is winning all of his cases by planting evidence after the murder has happened. This Criminal Lawyer in question, Mark Hunter, played by Micheal Douglas, is running for Governor. Jesse strikes up a relationship with the Hunter’s Assistant D.A., Ella Crystal, played by Amber Tamblyn.

Unbeknown to Ella, Jesse finds his job in jeopardy as cut-backs are being made. Now, despite his bosses telling him to let his theory about Hunter being corrupt go since he doesn’t have proof, Jesse set out to find proof. He convinces his photojournalist coworker to help him frame himself for murder by documenting C.J. purchasing pieces of evidence after a murder has happened and setting C.J. up for a crime he didn’t commit – they just have to wait for the perfect crime to come up. And gee, imagine that, one perfect crime comes along rather quickly for C.J. He and his partner work fast to plant C.J. at the top of the suspect list and it works. Ella is shocked by C.J.’s arrest and sets out to investigate C.J.’s claims that Hunter works with a head detective and somehow they are planting evidence after the crime occurs to get Hunter’s convictions in court.

Amber Tamblyn plays Ella Crystal in Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Amber Tamblyn plays Ella Crystal in Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
C.J. Nicholas played by Jesse Metcalf in Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
C.J. Nicholas played by Jesse Metcalf convicing his co-worker to help C.J. frame himself for murder

The drama and tension builds as we watch Amber sift through the evidence and work towards proving C.J.’s innocence. Hunter and the head detective pick up that something is off with this murder and work fast to enter evidence after the fact during the trial – incriminating blood found on the pants that C.J. was to have worn during the murder. All the data that C.J. and his partner recorded as proof that they bought the supposed evidence after the crime is lost in a horrific accident. Now its a matter of life and death after C.J. is convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection. I was really into this movie and enjoyed watching it unfold. I won’t share too much more but I hope I shared enough for you to want to go out and get a copy.

You can purchase a copy of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt on DVD and some other suggestions by clicking on the images below:


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