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New Crafting Addiction – Quilting!

Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a really long while and we’ll just leave it at – I got really busy with a lot of things so I am doing a quick post to make up for my lack in posting lately.  I do hope to have a bunch of book reviews posted soon. I had a recent wave of new releases to feast upon and have been reading like a fiend. As soon as things slow down a bit around here, you’ll see some movie and book reviews.

About my new crafting addiction, here is some background:

I like long skirts. Always have and I think I always will. A couple of years ago, I got the brilliant idea of trying to make my very own skirt. I went out and bought pretty fabric, thread and other sewing paraphernalia and brought them home all excited to get to work on the new skirt. When I got home, I pulled out the new purchases from their bags and as I spread out the fabric preparing to cut it and then sew it together, I soon discovered I knew next to nothing about making skirts.  

My fabric was see-through and I didn’t buy enough to do a double lining of the fabric so that all my unmentionables wouldn’t be on display. I had no idea how to cut the fabric – what shapes to use or how to put it all together. Plus, what was I thinking about when I thought I could sew this skirt together by hand? I basically wound up putting my new purchases back in their bag and stowed them in my arts and craft bin to be brought out when I finally had a clue. 

Fast forward a couple of years to a day when I discovered the circle skirt! My cousin has an Esty shop and she creates patchwork dresses and clothing and looking at her dresses, I figured I could actually try to make my skirt after all these years. The fabric I bought a while ago was still see-through so I went to the nearest fabric store and picked out a bunch of fabric squares and bought myself a cheapo handheld stitcher because I didn’t want to go overboard only to find out that once again I’d have no clue how to make a skirt. I brought my fabric home, cut it into even – what turned out to be – rectangles and sewed the first row together. I then went on to sew the second row together but could not figure out how to make the circle skirt – well –  a circle.  I couldn’t figure out a number of the steps so I turned to the web and found a couple of really nice DIY websites. Some many hours later, a phone call or two to my aunt trying to figure out how the hell to gather without a sewing machine (funny thing that I found out from my Aunt was that gathering is easier done by hand) and some reading on the web and I made my first circle skirt of rather bright purple, green and pattern fabrics. I was pretty proud of myself. 

Of course, I figured out after I sewed the skirt together that hemming is better done before gathering and sewing the tiers together. A handheld stitcher holds a thread worth sh*t. But! I had made my skirt. Since the colors were not the most desired for a circle skirt, I went and used the other fabric I purchased this time around and proceeded to make my second circle skirt and I have to say, I am now hooked on these skirts. They are so comfortable. And if you have a couple of hours, they are not that hard to make once you figure it all out.

I have since finished my third circle skirt and have the tiers all sewn together for my fourth one. Not only am I hooked on the circle skirts but I have sewn my first 3 baby blankets as gifts for friends. I am working on another baby blanket and a quilt with a design I created as well. It’s a lot of work but I find it really fun to see how each piece turns out. I now have a whole new understanding of people who quilt and how much satisfaction comes from finishing a piece. A really awesome co-worker thankfully loaned me her sewing machine and it has made the work go a lot faster, plus my stitches are not as loosey-goosey. I am looking forward to finishing my fourth skirt so I can work on my next one – a micro-suede fabric. I need to figure out how to back the quilt for my friend and I need to finish the Winnie-the-Pooh quilt for another friend. I’ll post some pictures of the current works in progress my next time online. I’ll even take some pictures of my fourth skirt before its finished so you can see the before and after. I found the best thing to do is cut your squares first. I’ve spent more money on this craft then I ever expected to but its like buying a new skirt when I get down to the actual cost of fabric, if you don’t include my time putting them together. I was so happy with my efforts that I went out and bought a cheapo camera to share blurry pictures of my work.  I am sorry the pictures are a little sad-looking. When I typed ‘cheapo camera’, I wasn’t kidding but at least you get an idea of what some of the crafting projects look like. I might even go so far as to set up a DIY page for the circle skirt so others can try their hand at the craft. I do have to warn you, it can be addicting. 🙂