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Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 7 – What are you made of?

I have got to say this season of Make It or Break It is really fabulous! The way the series holds up so many story lines really keeps me watching. The track that Payson is on now trying to become a more graceful gymnast over a power gymnast is interesting to watch especially with the special encouragement Sasha is giving Payson.  In Season 2, Episode 7, What are you made of? airdate August 10th, 2010, many plot twists come to light.  

National Team's Last Practice
Kaylie and Beals discussing Kaylie's progress

 The Rock girls prepare for the final National Practice to be held at the Rock Gym. Emily is considered the under dog after what happened in Paris and she expects she’ll have to pull out all the stops to make the cut for the Worlds competition. What she didn’t expect was that Beals would go after her so doggedly and with such prejudice.  

 Beals torment of Emily and her total disregard for Kaylies weight loss was noticed by Marty who finally stepped up and stood up for the girls especially after Beals made Emily do a routine just after landing wrong on her ankle. Too bad for Marty though, Beals one upped him and fired him as the coach. His replacement – get this – Beals herself.   I truly loved it when Marty gave Emily that speech about how he saw the Olympian in her and that she shouldn’t let anyone keep her from her dream. Emily truly stepped it up.  Here is a link to the YouTube video of Marty’s speech:   

This link is like the best 8 minutes of the episode. It shows Emily turning her ankle, Marty standing up for Emily and getting fired, it shows Beals being truly evil to Emily. Who is funding the special ‘secret’ endowment that Emily is receiving  is shown when, yep, you guessed it, Beals handed Lauren an envelopment with canceled checks with  her dad’s , Steve Tanner’s, signature on them.  With proof that her dad was funding Emily’s endowment, Lauren didn’t hesitate to let Emily know who her sponsor really is. Emily is now forced to make the decision to keep the money or find another way to afford her Olympic dream. Lauren spitefully tells Emily that her dad is funding Emily’s life and it’s not because he believes in her but because he is having sex with Emily’s mother.  

In shock and disbelief, Emily storms out of the National practice before her floor routine. Her mom runs after her and is just as completely shocked to find out that the money was coming from Steve. After a resounding pep talk from her mom, Emily is faced with performing despite the drama that is going on and finding out that she, Emily,  does believe in herself. She storms back into the Rock gym just in time to perform a stellar Floor routine. This is seconds after Kelly Parker tries to tell Beals that Kalyie is getting way too thin.  At the end of this National Practice, Emily manages to make the cut of 10 girls going to compete for the 6 spots on the World team, along with Kaylie and Lauren.  

It is obvious that Payson is getting a bit too much out of Sasha’s encouragement especially after he gives her his Gold Medal to remind her that she will make it to the Olympics. As Payson’s mom said, Payson is learning to deal with a womans body now, both physically and mentally.  

Sasha joins Payson at the bars in her Ballet class
Sasha joins Payson at the bars in her Ballet class

After finishing the National Practice, Emily confronts her mother, Chloe, about Steve funding her endowment. Emily tells her mother they have to give the money back. Chloe know this but they still have to figure out how to make ends meet. Chloe tells Emily she doesn’t know what to do and Emily storms out saying she knows what she has to do. The new dream of having a nice home and a room of Emily’s own is now just that for Emily, a dream.   

Cut to Summer, Sasha and Kim, Payson’s mom, discussing the meet and Marty’s warning to Sasha to watch his back. Summer points out that Beals could plant a mole. Summer mentions that Steve Tanner is having private meetings with Ellen Beals. The three of them come to the conclusion that someone has to run against Steve for the head of the board and Kim is volunteered.   

The episode ends with views of Lauren crying over her dad’s supposed betrayal by financially supporting Emily, Kaylie inspecting her too thin body, Payson sleeping with Sasha’s Gold Medal and Emily returning to work at the Pizza Shack.   

If you missed this episode, I hope this recap filled you in since there was a lot happening.


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