Event: Podcast Live Release Date for Desmin’s First Assignment March 03, 2017 6 pm CST

Desmin’s First Assignment, a flash story in The Crooked Halo series,  is scheduled to go live on the March 3rd podcast of 600 Second Saga, episodes go live at 6pm CST/ 7pm EST.

The podcast will be available here:tmp_20036-desmins-first-assignment-642569477

Or just go to 600 Second Saga
How to listen to podcasts

Desmin’s First Assignment gives a little more insight into what happened when Desmin was given his very first Crooked Halo to protect, which is briefly mentioned in the first book.  600 Second Saga will be reading the story as a podcast and it will be aired live for the first time March 3rd, 2017. I will share the story here on my blog, in text, after the podcast airs.

Please check in with the Facebook Page Event to let us know you will be listening:

RVSP by liking The Crooked Halo Series on Facebook and joining the event!


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