REVIEWS: Find Out What Others Are Saying About Even Halos Can Be Crooked!

Trying to self promote your first novel is difficult. One method I heard that is really important is getting people to read and review your novel. Whether the reviews are good or not so good, it gets your novel visibility and hopefully people’s interest in checking out the story for themselves.

After waiting a few weeks, I’ve finally gotten my first couple of reviews which can be found at all the links listed below. I’m going to share the links by the Blog Page for easy reference. Please check out what others are saying about Even Halos Can be Crooked!


Erica said:

“I have to say right away, I had SO much fun reading this!!”

Here’s the links for Erica Robyn Reads blog and her review:

Erica Robyn Reads Blog Review Link

Link for same review posted on GoodReads

Facebook Page (pinned post)

Google+ link

Instagram (also shared on my personal FB)

Twitter link


Books Amino

Litsy: (mobile access only, but I shared the image of chapter 13 and a link to the blog post). Also marked the book as “Pick,” which is the highest rating level on this app; the other descending options are So-So, Pan, and Bail


Sassy Southern Book Blog:

Amazon review by Sassy Southern Book Blog




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