About Lori

Hi All!

For those of you stopping by my blog website for the first time, here’s a little info about me. I am a huge fan of a number of genres of Entertainment – books, movies, TV, reality TV, music and art (mostly my own but I do check out the art posted on Elfwood).  The thing is, I am not a 100% mainstream. I’m like a cross between the party girl, cause you know I like to get my groove on, and a sci-fi con-going-loveable geek, who smiled all the way through the new Star Trek movie and knows who the Black Panther is in the tv cartoon version of Spider Man.

Something I’ve noticed missing for misfits like me is honest reviews of the books and movies I like. I get that everyone’s taste is individual but these movies and books wouldn’t be making it if there wasn’t more like minded people out there who like shaking their booty to Beyonce,  getting shocked when Snookie got smacked on Jersey Shore, reading smutty paranormal romances by LKH and watching Wolverine with the oh so yummy Hugh Jackman.

I plan on sharing my take on various novels, movies, TV shows, artworks and music in the hopes that I can generate some fan appreciation from the public for the items I blog about. I’m a Gemini and I follow those horoscope traits of a dual personality so I promise to keep this fun and to shake it up.

I’ll probably post about my artwork and the struggles I go through teaching myself how to learn the 3d art programs and seeing the rewards for my efforts. If you check out my Elfwood website, http://www.elfwood.com/~lorilynn05, you’ll get a better idea of how I can be a cross between the girlie pop rocker and the sci-fi fantasy fan. I was so happy when I got my first MODs choice on Elfwood. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one that likes my art so I really do appreciate the comments and the fact that people are checking out my art. It is tough trying to build a fan base and this is definitely an expensive hobby for me. I’d love to be able to say its a career but for now its my hobby.

So, hopefully you’ll check out my blogs, find some of them funny, even find them informative and worth sharing with others. Don’t look for Oscar winning movie reviews here but hopefully you’ll find  the reviews you didn’t even know you’ve been missing.


1 thought on “About Lori”

  1. Just met you at RYP and checked out your site. Your writings are great. Maybe I could convince you to check out one of my projects. I got a hilarious sci-fi documentary that could use some attention. Let me know. Hope to hear from you.

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