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Movie Review – Truth or Dare – Watch It or Skip It?

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this movie or not and passed on watching it a couple of times. I was worried it was going to be cheesy or over the top gory.

I was surprised to find it was neither of those things.

Some of the supporting characters acting was a little flat but overall I was drawn into the movie. It thankfully wasn’t gory like Saw. It was more a type of shock value gore and implication of the violence. This movie focused on the suspense and what would you do mental torture aspect of the movie.

I’m not reviewing to share spoilers but for those looking to know what the movie is about:

A group of kids celebrate their senior college spring break in Mexico. On their last day there, they meet a guy who asks them to play a game of Truth or Dare, locking them in to a cycle of terror when they realize once asked, they have to play – no matter what. The truths get more revealing. The dares more deadly.

Was this a blockbuster hit? No. Did it hold my attention? Yes. I was creeped out by how the characters were asked Truth or Dare. I liked how Marki (?) was pretty tough regarding the reality of what they had been tricked in to. The female actresses dominated the movie and that was pretty cool to watch.

Conclusion: Watch it….if you dare….

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Avengers: Infinity Wars – Watch it or Skip it?

r_avengersinfinitywar_intheatersnow_e75bfcbf.jpegIf you’ve been following the entire Marvel’s movies from Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy to Captain America to Black Panther (which wasn’t my favorite but that’s a review for another post), then there is no way you can skip Avengers: Infinity Wars!!

Whether you watch it in the theater or wait until you can see it in the comfort of your own home, be prepared to go on an emotionally wild ride from start to finish.

I’m not going to share any spoilers but I do have one question, like maybe I missed something but why didn’t anyone just cut Thanos arm off??? They had a couple of opportunities to – even had their hands on it – and yet, no one cuts off his arm?? I don’t know if they physically couldn’t or what but that was a thought that if I was one of those people who yelled at the screen, I would have been yelling it.

Oh, who am I kidding? I definitely asked that while I was watching the movie.

I do recommend watching the other movies in order, if you haven’t yet. And if you have and it’s been awhile, I’d recommend watching them again so you can remember why Captain America wasn’t around and Tony had a flip phone to call him with or things went so screwy in Age of Ultron and what happened to Thor’s eye. Trust me, it’s good to have a refresher.

Here’s a given spoiler, I’m sure people have hinted at it enough but I’ll keep mine vague: people die in this movie.

Lots of people die in these Marvel movies. Some just hit you harder in the feels. I’m still in denial and hoping for a lot of Supernatural Winchester brothers type resurrections!

Foregone conclusion here: WATCH IT!!! You won’t understand the next one if you don’t watch this one first.

Just be prepared to get shell-shocked and feel emotionally torn asunder.

‘But I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark’….




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Movie Review: You Were Never Really Here – Watch it or Skip it?

Popping in to do a quick movie review of You Were Never Really Here which is currently out.

I decided to give this movie a try after seeing promotions for it on Facebook.

I’m honestly wishing I had skipped it. I don’t see the appeal for this movie. It’s slow, disjointed, and hard to follow in some ways.

The movie touches on dark subject matters of hired assassins and child trafficking. Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead actor as a hired assassin whose last job goes awry.

I’m not going to go into plot details or give any spoilers away. All I can say for this quick movie review is: SKIP IT!!!

I wish I had my two hours back.